EK Eckankar Alaska Teleconference

Event and Date Time and Location

  ECK Light and Sound Services

2nd Sunday

For Alaskans only, please.

9:30–10:30 a.m.

Come as early as 9:15 to visit if you'd like.

Dial (605) 475-5950.  When prompted, enter the access code 9677447 (spells worship).  For more information, please email your inquiry to Zane at SpiritualServices 'at' eckalaska.org.


  • June 10

    Learning Spiritual Lessons from Health

    "The funny thing about the dance of life is that when we're in it—when everything's going right—we're least aware of it.  This is the great paradox.  When everything's going right and we're in the rhythm of life, we're the least aware of it.  This is why sickness is often such a great spiritual aid.  First of all, the illness is signaling something.  It's saying, 'The way to health and happiness is that way, and apparently you're not going that way.  So, sit up and take note.'"

    —Harold Klemp, The Secret of Love, p. 188

  • July 8

    How Can You Open the Door of Soul?

    "As ECKists, we want to learn the key, the secret of this cosmic power, so that we can enter into harmony with all life and do it at will.  When any situation, any obstacle, comes up in our life, we can chant a name of God—HU, Sugmad, or your personal word—and turn a negative situation into the spiritual.  You have this key.  You must learn to work with it.  You must use the creative faculty within you."

    —Harold Klemp, Journey of Soul, p. 228

  • August 12

    How to Develop a Greater Love for God

    "If you try to live in this world without cultivating love for God, you will be entangled more and more.  You will be overwhelmed with its dangers, its griefs, and its sorrows.  And the more you think of worldly things, the more you will be in need of them.  Secure the oil of divine love, and then put thyself to the task of thine own duties of this world."

    —Paul Twitchell, Stranger by the River, p. 186

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  • September 9

    Learning to Recognize God's Love

    "God's love is with you all the time.  It's up to you to recognize it through the hard times and the good times.  God's love is making you more of a spiritual being so that you can better understand the conditions and situations that other Souls, other lights of God, are going through too.  In doing so, you are able to serve them and all life better."

    —Harold Klemp, How to Survive Spiritually in Our Times, p.276

The ECK Light and Sound services celebrate Soul's connection with Holy Spirit, also known as ECK.  Holy Spirit, or God's Voice, constantly speaks to each of us via the Light and Sound, the twin pillars of God in expression.

During the service, we listen to a short reading from the ECK writings related to the day's topic and then sing HU (pronounced "hue") with love.  The HU, a sacred love song to God and the Sound of Soul, is followed by a short contemplation.  After that, we listen to a brief story related to the day's subject progressing to an open discussion on the spiritual principles.

If you want to learn how to open your heart to divine love and recognize God's voice when It speaks through Its twin aspects, the Light and Sound, or share your own experiences with Holy Spirit, please join us.  You can explore the wonders of HU, discover how singing HU with love can expand your awareness, bring peace and calmness during times of stress or grief, or help heal a broken heart.

Harold Klemp, as quoted from above, is the Spiritual Leader of Eckankar, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master.  He has the special ability to act as both an inner and outer spiritual guide and teaches anyone who asks.  He is given respect, but is not worshipped.

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